A down and out, 24-year old, pregnant mother of three, in rural Tennessee,  concocts an unbelievable scam to get her expenses paid until the baby daddy gets out of prison. 

With a telling rap sheet, Jaycee knows manipulation and puts on a show so sticky sweet, she throws off even seasoned adoption industry professionals. 

As she pretends to be putting this child up for adoption and spending months, in a close relationship with Becca, the prospective mom, she is really just defrauding her out of tens of thousands of dollars. 

The series unveils unbelievable turns and twists and sickening choices that could only be made by a sociopath.

You learn early on, that the unsuspecting doe-eyed adoptive mom, Becca, has more grit than one would give her credit for. The jarring loss of Baby Ava proves to be just the beginning as you delve deep into the lives that created such a monster.

Becca, the prospective parent becomes an undercover FBI Informant, busting criminals like Jaycee on social media platforms.

The plot thickens when, while working for the FBI one day, Becca and Jaycees paths cross again.


3340 Peachtree Rd NE

Suite 2224

Atlanta, GA 30326​​

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